Young Living September 2017 Promos




Let’s Take a Closer Look

Wellness is the plan and these September 2017 promos will help you meet those goals.

Cool Azul is one you will want to grab for your exercise routine. Apply it topically before for an invigorating work-out and after for the soothing and cooling effects.

Inner Defense is a supplement I won’t leave home without in the fall and winter months. It is a power packed essential oil infused supplement that supports your immune system. Read more here.

Peace & Calming is one of my original favorites. This gem USED to be part of the Premium Starter Kit. If you haven’t experienced it, YOU MUST. It is my favorite for relaxing and even calming the children.

Thieves Vitality is supportive to your overall wellness regimen. Try making a Thieves Tea to support health.

Oregano Vitality is a savory addition to your Mediterranean dishes and supports a healthy lifestyle. You can also take it internally by place a few drops into a “00” veggie capsule with your favorite carrier oil.


Here are the Freebies

Be sure to order through Essential Rewards to gain all the freebies.

With your 100 PV qualifying essential reward purchase receive 5-mL Oregano Vitality.

With your 190 PV qualifying essential reward purchase you will receive the 5-mL Oregano Vitality and 5-mL Thieves Vitality (ER exclusive), PLUS 5-mL Peace & Calming.

With your 250 PV qualifying purchase receive all of the above, PLUS a 30 day supply of Inner Defense.

With your 300 PV or more qualifying purchase receive everything above, PLUS 15-mL Cool Azul essential oil.

Enjoy the changing Season with WELLNESS!!!





iTOVi and Young Living are quite a pair

Young Living and iTOVi go hand-in-hand. This handy little gadget is an extra layer of support for my family’s healthy living.

What is an iTOVi?

iTOVi is the premiere health and wellness scanner that will reveal which Young Living products your body would best to respond to. The iTOVi can help steer you to fill in the gaps with a product your body might best respond to in an effort to maintain homeostasis.

The iTOVi has the ability to measure how responsive the body will be to certain products based on noninvasive measurements from the body. This is very similar to device such as a Fitbit that most people are quite familiar with. I love the ability to use the iTOVi to make suggestions regarding how to improve my general wellness. It helps me fill in gaps in my family’s wellness routine.

How Does This Work You Ask?

It goes through a set of complex algorithms based on bioimpedance, pressure sensing, temperature and blue tooth technologies.  Simply put, it reads energy and everything is made up of energy.

Science nerd, like me? Read more here.

 Let’s See a Real Life Example




My middle son has had some difficulties adjusting to going back to school and at a new school. He scanned for a bunch of emotional supporting oils. He has had to make all new friends, adjust to a new teacher and new routine of school.

My son’s top oil selection was Trauma Life. This beautiful blend was designed with life’s traumas in mind. To a 7 year old a new school, not knowing anyone and just homework is pretty traumatic. This blend combines Sandalwood, Frankincense, Valerian, Black Spruce, Davana, Lavender, Geranium, Helichrysum, Lime, and Rose. These oils together help release emotional difficulties. They are calming and grounding too.

His next oil was Magnify Your Purpose. I love this combination that contains Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Sage, Coriander, Patchouli, Nutmeg, Bergamot, Cinnamon, Ginger, Ylang Ylang and Geranium. This blend was designed to help with motivation, creativity, focus and mental clarity.  I love that his top oil helps to support letting go of something he doesn’t need to hang onto and the other helps foster his overall emotional well being.

The iTOVi has been very useful for our family to use in this way. Young Living is the pioneer of essential oil companies and our choices are many. Being able to key in on a few top oils helps take the guesswork out!  highly recommend this amazing tool for your family. You can learn more here.

The iTOVi Investment

There are a couple of options for purchasing your own iTOVi. If you are a regular oiler you may find this device quite handy for your family. If you are an entrepreneur with Young Living or another oil company you definitely want to invest in your business with an iTOVi.

Purchase Options

The BASIC option is $9.99 for the iTOVi tracker with access for $39.99/month. The CHOICE option is to purchase outright at $799.99 with lifetime access (no monthly fees). You can also jump on the referral program to supplement your investment. Details here. 


From time to time iTOVi has some specials. If you’d like to be added to my list to be notified of sales or events send me an email at [email protected] and I will be sure to let you know!








Mothers Day and May 2017 Promotion!

Mothers Day and May 2017 Promotion all rolled into one with a BONUS oil too!! Young Living has done it again!!




Are you ready to really knock your Mom’s socks off this year with something she will absolutely adore? The Young Living Premium starter kit is just that gift.
Choose one of four diffusers for her and she will get 11 essential oils to help her begin this amazing wellness journey.


PLUS a Free Tangerine Oil


As a special bonus only in May she will also be gifted a bonus oil (Tangerine essential oil). This is naturally uplifting and invigorating!


Check out the May FREE Stuff!

That’s right, every month Young Living has product promos where you can qualify for free stuff. Getting the best bang for your buck is for sure through the essential rewards program.


100 PV

This month with your 100 PV qualifying Essential Rewards purchase you will also receive a FREE a 5-mL Orange Vitality.  Orange Vitality can be used as a supplement. Try adding a drop or two to your favorite beverage to enhance the flavor. You can also try adding it to your breakfast favorites such as yogurt, smoothies, waffles…for a citrus-y delight. (HINT: How about breakfast in bed for Mom)!!! *This is ER exclusive.


190 PV

With your qualifying ER purchase of 190 PV or more you will receive the Orange Vitality along with 5 mL & 15 mL Citronella (ER exclusives) you will also receive a 5mL  Jade Lemon.  Jade Lemon has a lemon-lime fragrant twist. Diffuse or add to your signature scent and wear topically. Citronella is well known and has a slight citrus scent. Mostly widely used for its insect deterring properties.  This bonus includes $47.69 in freebies.

250 PV

With your 250 ER qualifying purchase you will receive the above mentioned oils, PLUS a 5mL Ravintsara  which has a crisp and clean scent that is well loved by the yoga community and for meditation. It has a eucalyptus-like aroma and is great for creating and clearing the head during a busy day.  Diffuse or apply topically. This bonus is a $84.20 value.


300 PV

This just keeps getting better, receive ALL of the above, PLUS AgilEase (more info here) a wonderful supplement for joint health and a 5 mL Manuka (more info here) which is terrific for the skin. This bonus is valued at $191.44.



We have a bonus promo this month. Our beloved Valor is back! You can read about the old version and Valor II here...if you want to find out about the changes stay tuned you can subscribe to learn more here. This is an empowering blend with a spicy-sweet aroma with superior grounding abilities. Mom’s everywhere REJOICE that Valor has returned!!  This is an amazing $243.74 value.