Young Living December 2017 Promos

The holidays are in full swing and the December 2017 promos are going to make you cheerful. Make sure you purchase via the Essential Reward program to get the most FREEBIES.


100 PV Promotion

With your 100 PV promotion, you will get a 5 mL Nutmeg Vitality. This vitality oil is perfect for your favorite holiday baking favorites. (*ER exclusive).

190 PV Promotion

This level of goodness, brings you a bonus ER exclusive oil of Lemon 15 mL plus the 5 mL Nutmeg AND one my abslolute favorites a  5 mL Northern Lights Black Spruce. NLBS is amazing for focus and keeping you grounded. Lemon is an everyday favorite and will bring a bit of sunshine to your gray days this time of year. It is uplifting and invigorating.

250 PV Promotion

The 250 promo includes Life 9 probiotic and all of the above items. Life 9 was reformulated to now include 9 strains, our highest potency formula to support gut health and healthy digestion.

300 PV Promotion

This promotion level is worth its weight in gold and valued at over $219 in FREEBIES. It includes the prized Sacred Frankincense. This beautiful oil will take your spiritual and emotional experience to the next level. You will also receive all of the above freebies.

Grab your oils and holiday gifts early, before December 15th to ensure shipping in time for Christmas!


Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday season. 



Focus Blend for Children

I created this focus blend for my son using Young Living essential oils. We have had terrific results. Do you ever have episodes where you can’t stay on task or focused? Did you know essential oils are especially great for the emotions and the brain?! Yes inhaling an essential oil gets to the brain very quickly. That is quite amazing to me. I have periods where I have my list in front of me but just can’t seem to get things checked off. Children often fall into the daydreamer class and have trouble finishing something they’ve started or even following directions. I have 3 boys and I often find myself repeating instructions to my little busy bodies.

My oldest was having some trouble  in the classroom at the end of last year. He was in kindergarten at the time and I started getting progress notes stating that he was not completing his assignments. The teacher even had separated him from his table to give him a little more alone time, in the hopes that less distraction would prove beneficial. This did not work either.


I started researching essential oils and specifically oils people use to help children with focus and staying on track. The top two essential oils I kept reading about were Brain Power and Vetiver. I blended those together and decided I needed to add a bit more to this mixture and what I came up with worked extremely well for us. My very active son is extremely intelligent, but just had a tough time keeping his attention on his teacher and the school work.  These carefully chosen essential oils and this blend I have found to be very beneficial. I call this my FOCUS OIL BLEND, fitting right?!

I use 5 Young Living oils. I tweaked it to get it to what worked the best for us.

Young Living Focus Oil Blend


What is in my focus blend?

Brain Power essential oil is a blend of 7 essential oils. This blend is high in sesquiterpines , this means the oils get to the brain,  in a nutshell.  Brain Power can help give your brain a boost of thought, clarify, and improve focus.

Vetiver essential oil this is just one oil I do not care for but I love how it works. It is heavy in fragrance to say the least (in my opinion). Remember everyone has their own olfactory preferences. Vetiver is quite similar to Patchouli in fragrance. Vetiver essential oil is know to help with grounding, calming, and stabilizing and is one of the highest oils in sesquiterpenes. We want these oils going to our brain to help with FOCUS! This oil in particular has been studied for behavior improvements in children by Dr. Terry Friedmann. (google him).Vetiver may also be beneficial for helping when dealing with recovery from emotional trauma.

Cedarwood essential oil although already included in Brain Power, I added just a bit more to help override the Vetiver aroma. Cedarwood has a warm balsamic and woody fragrance that is relaxing and very soothing. When you are more relaxed the distractions don’t seem to bother you quite as much.

Lavender essential oil another oil known for its relaxing and specifically calming properties. The calming piece was an important piece to this mixture. The aroma helped again cover up the Vetiver fragrance which I don’t prefer.

Sacred Frankincense essential oil is a precious variety of frankincense, that is a Young Living exclusive. This species of frankincense (Boswellia sacra)has been studied for its health benefits specifically with supporting cellular health. Also contains sesquiterpenes and is beneficial to the brain. This oil has been known to uplift and stimulate.


Essential Oil Desk Reference, 6th ed

Higley Quick Reference Guide


My Focus Blend Recipe

I purchased some roller top bottles from Amazon, these worked quite well and I liked the fun variety of colors. You can also recycle an old essential oil 15 ml bottle to make your own version of the focus blend. I used roughly 20 drops of each oil (Brain Power, Vetiver, Sacred Frankincense, Lavender, and Cedarwood) & added about 15 drops of V-6 carrier oil. You can then add an Aroma-glide fitments from Young Living. 

Young Living Focus Oil Recipe

Focus Blend Application

You may have to try your own combination and see what works best. I applied my focus blend to the back of my son’s neck and to the bottoms of his feet before school and before bed. I also diffused Peace & Calming in his room at bedtime. We saw definite improvements with his attention span and getting class work completed with this blend. I used it regularly for a few weeks and now we use it as needed.


Do you or your kids have lack of focus?

I’d love to hear how this works for you or what you have used alternatively!





**Please note my son does not have a diagnosis of any kind. He is your average, active 6 year old boy. As with any treatment you consider, please discuss with your healthcare provider.


Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil: Which Should You Choose?

Young Living Frankincense essential oil is offered in three wonderful and precious varieties. You may be wondering which Young Living Frankincense you should choose. Each one has its own characteristics and benefits with different composition and constituents. My first choice is Sacred Frankincense. I love the aroma and variety of benefits and uses.

Young Living frankincense 3 varieties


Sacred Frankincense

Sacred Frankincense (Boswellia sacra) is exclusive to Young Living. Young Living has been the first and is still the only cultivator of Omani Frankincense outside of the privileged citizens of Oman or Saudi royalty. It is one of the rarest and most sought after aromatics. D. Gary Young researched and had numerous trips to Oman over a 15 year period and was the first and is still the only granted permission to export this precious oil. A distillery was built right in Oman so that this exportation could take place. Omani Frankincense is believed to be the Frankincense used in ancient times and biblical times. It is believed this is the variety that was taken to our precious Christ-child. Sacred Frankincense has been the subject to much study and research and has proven to be very supportive. (Do your own research, as I’m not able to spell things out for you). This is one precious oil I keep on hand to support our family!

Sacred Frankincense is beneficial in supporting the immune system. When the immune system is strong, it is tougher for illness to sneak in. Sacred frankincense is highly supportive of cellular health. This oil also contains boswellic acids which are thought to be helpful with supporting the bones and muscles. Frankincense is a favorite of mine for skin support as well. It is supportive to all skin types, but especially soothing to aging skin with fine lines and wrinkles.  Frankincense is supportive of the digestive system and respiratory system too. Frankincense has calming properties that can help with mood balancing. While Sacred Frankincense is both calming and relaxing  it can promote a higher level of meditation and spiritual awareness.

Frankincense (carterii)

Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) is known as “olibanum” in historical books, such as the bible, also called “true incense.” This oil was greatly used for anointing and healing in biblical times. Known as a gift given to the Christ child although there is some variation to which variety was actually used. Frankincense was considered more precious than gold and only the wealthy possessed Frankincense. Frankincense is mentioned in the Ebers Papyrus, a 16th century B.C. medical record.

Beneficial for supporting the immune system and brain health, a great helper for mood improvement. Used commonly for spiritual awareness and meditation.  This oil is relaxing and can help loosen muscles. It is beneficial for cellular health and supportive of the respiratory system.  This variety comes in the Premium Starter Kit too!

Frankincense (frereana)

Frankincense (Boswellia frereana) is native to the northern part of Somalia. It is nicknamed “King of Frankincense or Maydi” by locals. It has been part of Catholic and Eastern Orthodox religious ceremonies for many years.  This variety has unique constituents and contains no boswellic acids like the other varieties discussed. Frereana variety has a cheery and invigorating lemony scent to it.

Frankincense frereana is a great supporter of attitude adjustment and is particularly supporting of the bones, muscles, ligaments and joints.

Which Frankincense is your Favorite??