Young Living January 2018 Promos

Happy New Year, welcome to 2018 with some terrific Young Living 2018 promos. It is that time of the year everyone likes to look ahead and plan for their future. New goals and fresh intentions.


Young Living has selected some great freebies.



100 PV ER Promo

We all know (hopefully you know by now)…your absolute best value is to purchase your Young Living products through essential rewards. You get product credit with every single order and a chance for extra FREE products with each order, PLUS reduced shipping AND FREE stuff for your loyalty to the program. Why not get started on ER today if you haven’t already. Okay…check this out!

With your qualifying 100 PV ER order you will get a FREE spearmint Vitality oil. I love this oil added to my water, still with a minty (but softer flavor than peppermint). It is super for calming tummies and supporting digestion. You can also use it to enhance the flavor of foods. Get creative!

190 PV Promo

With your qualifying purchase of 190 PV on ER you will receive the 5-ml Spearmint Vitality plus 5 ml Deep Relief. The Deep Relief alone is ALWAYS on my ER order, excited for this freebie. Deep Relief is probably the most used oily blend in my home. It feels sooo good on fatigued muscles. Try it!!

You will also get SuperCal Plus dietary supplement. SuperCal Plus is not just your average Calcium supplement. It also contains a synergistic blend of bioavailable calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals that supports your  bone health.

250 PV Promo

You will receive all of the above with your qualifying order, PLUS PanAway. PanAway is what got my husband hooked on oils. One massage with PanAway and he was an oiler for life. PanAway comes in the Premium Starter Kit and will be one you love for years to come.

300 PV Promo

The whole she-bang! Get everything above PLUS a 15-mL Copaiba. Copaiba is a favorite of mine to use in combination with other oils for its magnifying effect. It has so many wonderful properties, definitely research all the benefits for this oil.

This is a great way to get your health goals started off on the right foot with Young Living. Here’s to your great success and blessing in 2018!!


One more special BONUS announcement!






Young Living June 2017 Promos

Young Living June 2017 Promo

Young Living June 2017 promo is geared for your upcoming travel plans. June is the kick off to summer and summer adventures. These products are freebies for you with keeping your travel plans in mind! Don’t forget to pack this bundle of goodness on your summer vacations. Here are the details:

100 PV

Retail value $14.14

This level is for our loyal Essential Reward members. You will receive a bonus exclusive that includes Spearmint Vitality. Add some Spearmint to your water to stay hydrated. Enjoy this cool and minty refreshment. Don’t miss out on any of the FREE stuff when you are part of Essential Rewards.

190 PV Value

Retail Value $83.88

This level of bonuses includes 15-ml Cypress and bonus ER exclusive 15 ml Patchouli with 5 ml Spearmint Vitality. Cypress is a great oil to diffuse while traveling to help with grounding and focus. You can also apply topically to wrists or back of neck for herbaceous aroma to inspire security. Patchouli is a terrific skin essential oil for soothing nourishment to the skin.

250 PV Value

Retail $129.60

5-ml AromaEase, 15 ml Cypress and Bonus ER exclusive 15 ml Patchouli & 5 ml Spearmint Vitality. AromaEase is a must have travel oil. It has a calming scent and is also relaxing. I first fell in love with this oil blend on a trip out west to Utah where the altitude is much higher than I was used too. You can learn more about AromaEase here.


300 PV Value

Retail Value: $213.16

This bonus level will gain you ALL of the above awesomeness PLUS a 15 ml bottle of En-R-Gee. Who doesn’t need this oil this time of year with the kids home from school?? Layer this on for some uplifting and spice to your life. I love applying this one topically to the nape of  my neck, wrists or even over my adrenals (located just above the kidneys on either side of your lower back). You can learn more about En-R-Gee oil here.

Also included is a box of NingXia Nitro…don’t leave home on any adventure with out this little goodness squirt. It supports cognitive fitness and alertness, think “afternoon slump”. This supplement is infused with essential oils, green tea extract, Korean ginseng, and D-ribose. You can learn more about NingXia Nitro here. This pairs well with your daily NingXia Red too!!


If you are ready to take the plunge with Young Living, I’d love you to join me on this adventure of a lifetime with some more awesomeness right here!!