5 Super Easy EO Spray Bottle Recipes

Easy Spray bottle recipes are perfect for replacing so many things around your home. Did you know you can replace so many toxic and chemically laden products found in your home using some very simple ingredients?!

I found some great spray bottles (and other fun oily supplies) from Got Oil Supplies. Spray bottles come in all shapes and sizes. There are glass ones and even plastic that all work well for these recipes. I prefer the glass ones with the essential oils but if they are heavily diluted I don’t mind the plastic which I mainly use for my cleaning recipes specifically my All Purpose Cleaner.



My Top 5 Spray Bottle Recipes

  1. Facial Toner-this is a good one to replace if you aren’t already using Young Living’s ART toner. Many toners on the market contain alcohols which are very drying to the skin. You can create your own toner with any essential oils you choose based on your skin’s needs to best support your own skin. Just mix your favorite essential oils 12 drops into a 2 oz. spray bottle along with some organic Vitamin E (for skin softening) and fill with Organic Witch Hazel. Shake before use.
  2. Hair Tonic-this one is great for supporting healthy hair growth. My husband loves this and uses it daily after he washes his hair. He sprays it onto his damp hair. Just add 6 drops Lavender and 6 drops Rosemary into a 2 oz. spray bottle with some filtered water and you are ready to spray.
  3. Pit Spray-now this one is a must have for summer. I have a couple recipes on my blog for a solid deodorant and another armit spray. This is just another variety. Remember you will still sweat with homemade deodorants. They don’t have the anti-perspirant part (which is what you don’t want because most have aluminum). Aluminum has been shown to cause Parkinson’s and Dementia. This one is simple just add 25 drops of your favorite EO’s to a 4 oz. spray bottle. Purification is a great blend that contains some powerful oils including Tea Tree that works great for this. It also comes in your Premium Starter Kit. Another favorite combo is Tea Tree mixed with Lavender. Add half alcohol free witch hazel to filtered water and shake and spray on pits as needed.
  4. Poo-Poo Spray. Why pay for the fancy high priced version when you can DIY your own #2 spray. The idea is to “spray into the bowl before you go so no one will know”. This also eliminates toxic room deodorizing sprays that are full of things like formadehyde and other VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that irritate the nasal passages and airways. (Learn about what chemicals you DON’T want in your home.) Make your own natural poo poo spray with 12 drops Lavender and 12 drops Peppermint added to a 4 oz. spray bottle. Fill with 1 teaspoon of witch hazel and the rest of the way with filtered water. Shake and spray beforehand. This will work great sprayed in any room too. Use your favorite combinations of oils.
  5. Stinky Shoe or Stinky anything spray. This one comes in handy when cooking something particularly odiferous such as eggs or fish. It works well in pet bedding areas or cat litter rooms. I like to use it in stinky boy shoes. In a 4 oz. spray bottle add 25 drops of Purification with 1 teaspoon of witch hazel and fill with filtered water. Spray away!




These are 5 spray bottle recipes and I can think of about 25 spray bottle recipe combinations I use around the house for tons of other every day uses.