DIY Peppermint Breath Spray



DIY peppermint breath spray is an easy homemade item you should definitely add to your list.  These are so easy to make and a great replacement for gum and breath mints. Do you know how many chemicals are in just those two tiny items? YUCK! You can feel good about your fresh breath and its good for you too.

Just to clarify, you can use regular peppermint oil because technically you are spraying it “topically” in your mouth. The vitality peppermint can be used as well since you are spraying it in your mouth if you think you will be swallowing it. Remember Vitality oils are for internal use and regular oils are for topical and aromatic. They are the exact same oils inside.


What You Will Need


This DIY Peppermint breath spray recipe is so simple and quick you will have fresh breath in no time. Grab your  Thieves mouthwash, Young Living Peppermint essential oil, and water. That is ALL!!

I like to use a fine mist 4 mL spray glass spray bottle. Add 1/4- 1/2 teaspoon Thieves Mouthwash to your spray bottle. I use these little funnels to make the transfer easy. Next fill your bottle with filtered water and 1 drop of Peppermint Essential Oil. Give it a little shake before use and spray away. You can play with the ingredients to get the potency you want. Easy Peasy.  MINTY FRESH BREATH!!




Essential Reward Goodness for May 2016

A sneak peek into my Essential Reward  goodness for May includes some old favorites and a newbie too!



A Peek Inside

NingXia Red Reward Kit. I ordered this kit for the extra discount you receive with the reward kits. I needed extra NingXia Red and this was the most economical way to order. You save on shipping through Essential Rewards too because these bottles are heavy and cost more to ship with a regular order. The reward kit comes with 4 bottles of NingXia Red and a 30 pack of NingXia Red packets. I wanted these for my upcoming R.V. trip and also my trip to Young Living Convention in June.
I also re-stocked on the Young Living Deodorant. Check out what I discovered here and which is my favorite Mountain Mint or Meadow Mist. 

Thieves Mouthwash is a stock item in our bathroom. I love the Thieves oral hygiene products.
MultiGreens is a supplement I think you should take daily to help fill in your nutritional gaps. Learn more about MultiGreens here.
Peppermint Essential oil is a staple around here. I always have this one in my purse and I keep one in the kitchen and one my oily cabinet in my bathroom.

The other 3 essential oils were FREEBIES this month. Manuka, Cedarwood and Melrose. Click on each one to learn about their benefits.

You can still get in on the May Freebies. Check them out here….maybe you will qualify for a free Dewdrop Diffuser or an entire ART skincare set.


What’s In Your ER Order??