Toxins In Your Air Fresheners

Did you know that there are toxins in your air fresheners and candles? Fresh and clean smelling air is always the goal and maybe for setting the mood. Spraying air fresheners and lighting those candles can also cause more harm than good. Synthetic fragrance is one of the worst type of toxins that can insult your respiratory, reproductive and endocrine systems, for starters.

Toxins Are Hiding


Toxins can be found lurking in spray room fresheners, candles, plug ins, wax burners and anything that is labeled “fragrance”.

A Safer Clean Air Option


Did you know that you get YOUR CHOICE of diffuser when you get your own premium starter kit and 11 amazing oils you can diffuse if you choose. Young Living has pure, therapeutic grade essential oils guaranteed with their Seed To Seal purity guarantee. Don’t settle for less.

DIY Clean Air Options

Grab a 4 oz. glass spray bottle and fill with water. Add 3-5 drops Young Living essential oil of your choosing for whatever scent fits your fancy.

Place a couple drops of Purification on a cotton ball and place in your A/C vent.

Diffuse away!!

Did You Miss A Day?

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