Ways to Use Jade Lemon Essential Oil

Jade Lemon is a unique citrus oil that originates in the mountains of Taiwan. Jade Lemon was originally introduced at part of Young Living’s exotic oil collection.  This wonderful fruit stays green and continues its potency as it grows. The flavor is refreshing and bold and reminds me of a lime and lemon combination. This makes it a perfect flavor enhancer for your favorite beverage.  Jade Lemon is uplifting and can help with eliminating procrastination and staying focused.


3 Ways to Use Jade Lemon

3 Ways to Use Jade Lemon Everyday

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1. Add 1-2 drops to your iced tea or water

2. Add to marinades and salad dressings for lemon-lime zest

3. Take as dietary supplement for antioxidant support

Jade Lemon Revealed


You’ve Got to Try Jade Lemon

Jade Lemon is a favorite and a freebie in the month of June with your qualifying Young Living purchase.