What is all the buzz about Oil Moxie?

Introducing….Oil Moxie!

oil moxie

What is Oil Moxie?

Oil Moxie is an exclusive group that you will be invited to when you use my blog to become a Wholesale Member with Young Living . Oil Moxie was created by seven savvy Young Living essential oil users and bloggers (yes, I am actually one of the founders). It is a free membership that is included with your wholesale membership package.


What Resources Are There?

In the Oil Moxie site you will find Oil University:

*An Essential Oils 101 class

*First 21 days with your Premium Starter Kit

*Essential Oil Usage and Safety information

*How to dilute your oils

*How to use your diffuser

*How to earn free oils every month

*Websites to research oils to use

*And so much more


What Makes Oil Moxie Special?

One of the definitions of ‘moxie’ is ‘skill; know-how.’ Oil Moxie was created so that we can provide you with the resources that we think will be helpful to you on your oil journey. You can be near or far – we want to make sure that you know where to go if you have any questions about your Young Living essential oils. Oil Moxie contains great resources and our resources grow continually. We created Oil Moxie as a place for you to  feel connected should you have questions when it comes to using, ordering, and sharing your Young Living essential oil experience with others (remember – you do not have to share your experience with anyone if you do not want to, but we will show you how to do it if you want to).

Simply stated, we want you to be in the know!

Get your Oil Moxie here and Stay Healthy One Drop at a Time!







  1. Do I have to be in your downline to “join” Oil Moxie?

  2. Elaine Brown says:

    I would love to join your group. I am just getting started in the oils and want to learn other ways to utilize them in my life. I bought the started kit a couple of weeks ago from a family member.

  3. Unfortunately I’ve already joined Young Living, but am looking for ways to learn more about the essential oils. Love the concept!

  4. I didn’t realize moxie was for your downlink only and I signed up. I am sorry., i was looking to become part of a group that helps educate people who have signed up with young living know how to use the products successfully and build a business. I am sorry again.

    • Hi Sarah-Yes, Oil Moxie is for my downline! It is an amazing resource. I sent you an email with more details. Thank you for visiting. Cari

  5. Christina Trimble says:

    I am already in a downline, but is there anyway I can join oil moxie? I am trying to educate myself as much as possible.

  6. It’s a way for them to make more money. If they truly wanted to educate us and cared to teach us they wouldn’t care that we belong to another down line

    • Jackie-each downline has their own resources. Oil Moxie was a lot of hard work from our team and we give a lot of stuff away and share our knowledge and information through our blogs. It has nothing to do with money. I certainly do not spend all the hours I do researching and teaching on oils for the money. I’m sure you can find support from your team if you reach out.

  7. I think your site it great, and great to have and “exclusive club” just for downline. I learned from a top rank that we are supposed to refer crossline inquiries for support BACK to their own upline, rather than inviting them to switch lines. Someone’s sponsor might not be offering support, which is too bad, but surely an upline is ready and willing to support this person in their downline.