What is OOLA Grow?

This is the twin for OOLA Balance which I have been obsessed with for awhile now. OOLA Grow was specially formulated to help people work toward their goals for wellness, purpose and abundance with a dash of vitality too. This blend has 23 single oils. Imagine all the benefits. You really need to look up each individual oil to learn all the properties.


OOLA Grow: A Closer Look

Orange essential oil has uplifting properties and can affect mood positively.
Idaho Tansy essential oil is helpful for evoking a positive mentality and general feeling of well being.
Juniper essential oil can encourage feelings of love, peace, harmony and may increase your spiritual awareness.
Clary Sage essential oil is soothing with euphoric properties.
Rosewood essential oil for imbuing feelings of peace and a gentle spirit.
Spruce essential oil for grounding and giving feeling of balance needed for giving and receiving.
Roman Chamomile essential oil for calming and relaxation properties. May assist with feelings of sadness and occasional stress. Soothing and helps to clear the mind.
Neroli essential oil for relaxation of the spirit and mind. To strengthen emotions. Promotes feelings of confidence, joy and peace.
Bergamot essential oil for occasional anxiousness and stressors and everyday tensions. May help to radiate love.
Coriander essential oil helpful to invoke relaxation during stressful times and fearful times.
Geranium essential oil to support emotions and uplift mind.
Rose essential oil has alluring properties to opposite sex. Soothing and calming to the mind.
Cinnamon Bark essential oil is stimulating to the mind.
Lavender essential oil is known to balance and relax.
Sandalwood essential oil can be calming and balancing to emotions.
Frankincense essential oil is uplifting and increases spiritual awareness.
Galbanum essential oil can be harmonizing to the mind.
Jasmine essential oil is uplifting to the emotions. It is inspiring to relationships.
Blue Cypress essential oil may help stimulate the brain.
Cedarwood essential oil is calming to the mind and spirit.
Blue Tansy essential oil can support the nervous system.
White Fir essential oil promotes a sense of grounding and sense of empowering. It is also stimulating to the mind.
Ylang Ylang essential oil helps to balance feminine and masculine energies. May help with focus of thoughts. Helpful for self love, joy and confidence.

How To Use Oola Grow

This blend can be diffused or applied topically. I enjoyed inhaling this blend from the bottle and then added a couple drops to my inner wrist when I first opened it. I did notice a boost of energy this afternoon and plowed through a list of “to-do’s.” Give this one a try. Which is Your Favorite Oola Balance or Oola Grow?