What is the Easiest Way to Fill a Capsule with Essential Oil?

Finding the easiest way to fill a capsule has been an ongoing effort. I frequently use Young Living’s therapeutic grade essential oils in a capsule and take as a supplement for various realms of my daily support. Have you heard of the Vitality line of essential oils? They are the same therapeutic grade quality oils you’ve come to expect from Young Living just in a new easy to recognize supplement labeled bottle.

Holding Capsules

I often like to save time by filling several capsules at once. I’m pretty good at holding up to 4 capsules at a time. It is not foolproof though, often one will slip if a little oils leaks over the side and it causes the whole operation to not be quite as efficient.


Fun with Legos

As I was walking and stepping on one of those painful legos that I find so often around my house with 3 young boys…it gave me the idea to build my own capsule holder. My boys thought that was pretty cool. The capsules I had didn’t quite fit in the underside hole like I thought they might. I ended up propping them up around the sides.



Getting Creative

A couple other methods I tried included a bowl of uncooked rice and just sticking the capsules right in there. That holds them pretty steady. The other food item I have tried was sticking capsule into a piece of bread. That worked okay and I tried to use the end of the bread that no one will eat so I wasn’t being wasteful.


A Shortcut

My favorite way to fill a capsule is using an actual wooden capsule holder designed for holding them. Brilliant right?!? My friends at Oily Gifts, LLC sent me of their hand made wooden capsule holders to try out. They are really neat because one side is slightly smaller for the “0” capsules and the other larger for the “00” size capsules. I prefer the larger size as they hold more oil. I use the veggie variety too found on amazon here.  Oily Gifts even personalized it with my logo, which was a totally cool surprise. I highly recommend this for all your capsule filling needs and you can’t beat the price.



Need Oils For Those Capsules??

You can get them at a discount HERE!



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