Young Living Abundance Essential Oil

Abundance essential oil is a combination of 8 essential oils. As the name implies prosperity, this combination may work together synergistically to magnify energy and frequency creating the law of attraction. Maybe you have an emotional block surrounding money or the lack of. Consider applying abundance essential oil and dreaming. Apply it before you begin your work day and mentally prepare yourself for a positive and productive work day with many successes, wins and things working out for your benefit.


A Closer Look

Let’s take a look briefly at each individual essential oil that makes up the Abundance blend. You can also spend some time researching each oil in depth for a greater understanding of this oil and its many benefits.
Orange essential oil known to support emotions bring joy, peace and happiness.
Frankincese essential oil has been highly regarding since ancient time for its properties. Only very richest people possessed this oil. It was valued even more than gold. It was and is the holy anointing oil. High in sesquiterpenes which support the mind.
Patchouli essential oil has long been used as fragrance thought to attract good things in life, representing money and people who possessed this oil were also considered rich.
Clove essential oil is associated with wealth and also held by the those considered wealthy.
Ginger essential oil has been know to magnify the law of attraction.
Myrrh essential oil has the frequency of wealth according to legend. Mentioned in the bible among the wealthy used by queens and part of the formula God gave to Moses (Exodus 30:22-27).
Cinnamon Bark essential oil is considered the oil of wealth of the orient. Part of the formula the Lord gave to Moses, mentioned above. Riches were measured by the amount of oil one owned.
Spruce essential oil is believe to have a wealth frequency. It support emotional blocks and helps to maintain balance.

How To Use Abundance Essential Oil

Abundance essential oil blend should be diluted 50/50. You can use Young Living’s V-6 or your preferred carrier oil. You can inhale directly or diffuse in an essential oil
diffuser. Apply over your wrists or over heart, neck or temples. I also like to drop on the top of my head.

Consider using Release essential oil first to help remove emotional blocks and then apply Abundance to attract the right things into your life.

Other complimentary oil blends to consider include: Acceptance, Believe, Envision, Into the Future, The Gift, Joy, Magnify Your Purpose, Motivation or Valor.





Ready to try some  Abundance ?