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Young Living Oil Label Change


I wanted to do a quick post on the change of Young Living essential oil labels. I get asked about our labels quite often. Young Living was asked by the “food and drug higher ups”….to make a choice of how an essential oil would primarily be used. An essential oil will now be labeled in one of two ways: as a cosmetic or as a supplement. If the essential oil is labeled as a supplement, this means it can be taken orally by capsule or ingested in food and/or beverage. The second label option is cosmetic which encompasses using the essential oil as a topical and/or aromatic application.

The reason for the change is that the Federal DA along with the  F. trade C state you can’t have a cosmetic product that you would also ingest. For example, you can’t have lipstick, that you apply topically and then also eat it. The compliance of the label change does NOT mean that Young Living has comprised their oils.

I wanted to clear this up first of all…Young Living essential oils have NOT CHANGED in anyway. They are still 100% pure essential oils. The labels simply changed for compliance. So an oil you once saw labeled as safe for aromatic, topical and as a supplement may now only say supplement on the oil. Rest assured these are the same amazing and pure oils as they have always been.


Labels Look Different But Oils Remain The Same

Young Living is proud of the way our oils are grown and bottled utilizing their Seed to Seal process. They still use only the best seedlings, plant them at the right time in organic soil that have never been contaminated. The farms are owned or partnered owned by Young Living with strict adherence to procedures. The plants are harvested at the right time and distilled at proper temperatures for the right amount of time to ensure the oils contain the most therapeutic benefit from the naturally occurring constituents which are the parts and pieces that make up the beneficial parts of the oil.

Educate Yourself

Please take time to do your own investigating and learn about how these plants are grown, what the chemical constituents are comprised of and what those benefits can mean to your family. You will easily see that Young Living is the only choice in essential oils. You can purchase an essential oil reference guide, search pubmed, or google scholar to get started with educating yourself on the benefits and how you can best support your family.

I hope this clears up the label changes and assures you that Young Living essential oils remain the same amazing oils. This is why Young Living is the leader in the essential oil industry.

Don’t settle for anything less. Here’s to Your Health!