Young Living Orange Blossom Facial Wash


Essential Oil Skin Care


Did you know Young Living has skin care products? I am just starting to try them out. The first thing I ordered came in my last essential rewards order  and it is the Orange Blossom Facial Wash.  This is a gentle, nonabrasive, easy rinsing cleanser that removes dirt and makeup without stripping skin of natural oils. It contains MSM to aid in promoting healthier and clearer skin, wolfberry seed oil to hydrate, and essential oils to soothe with aromatic benefits. Added botanicals protect skin from free radical damage.

Young Living, being the expert in the field of essential oils, knows exactly which essentials oils are most beneficial to the skin. This cleanser smells fantastic and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.


Orange blossom cleanser


I’m looking forward to trying their other products that look and I’m sure smell amazing including their Satin Facial Mint Scrub, Wolfberry Eye Cream, Sandalwood Moisture cream, Rose Ointment and Boswellia wrinkle cream. Young Living also has an age-defying skin care line called ART (which stands for Age Refining Technology). This is an advanced technology of DNA recovery enzymes with a proprietary anti-aging peptide complex.


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 Let me know what questions you have on any of our Young Living products.