Young Living Raindrop Technique

Have you been wondering what the Raindrop Technique is all about?

Young Living offers an amazing collection called the Raindrop Collection. The purpose of this collection is to revitalize your body, support your immune system by using Vita Flex and other massage techniques right in the comfort of your own home. The approach combines physiological principles with Native American principles from the Lakota Indians.

A Little History

The history behind the Lakota Indian technique was that when they experienced difficulties they would face the Northern Lights also known as the Aurora Borealis. They would hold their hands up and toward the light while inhaling deeply. The Lakota people believed that when the lights were visible they had healing powers. Once this Indian group was not able to cross the Canadian/U.S. border they alternated their original tradition and began using their minds to facilitate energy work along with light stroking techniques along the spine to facilitate energy spread throughout the body. This finger stroking is often referred to as “feathering,” “feather stroking,” or “effleurage”. Effluerage is defined as skimming or lightly touching the skin. This light stroking technique is often used over a pregnant belly to promote relaxation, improved sleep and reduction of discomfort associated with pregnancy especially in later trimesters. This technique has also been used in sports medicine and many other traditional and holistic healing modalities.

Who Can Use Raindrop?

D. Gary Young is the founder of the Raindrop Technique. He found the coupling of therapeutic Young Living essential oils with this energy work, massage techniques pursuing effleurage and the stimulation of the Vita Flex was very effective. This technique has been adapted by many professionals since it the practice was developed in 1989. Chiropractors, massage therapists, and other professionals have embraced the Raindrop Technique for its relaxing properties, immune supporting properties and for its effects on spinal support.

Oils That Make Up the Raindrop

This collection includes 7 singles oils and 2 essential oil blends plus two massage oils and an instructional DVD.

The Essential Oils included are:

Oregano essential oil helps to awaken the nerve receptors and digest toxins. It is also supportive to the immune system.

Thyme essential oil promotes reduction of tooxins on receptor sites and is immune supporting.

Basil  essential oil promotes muscle relaxation and reduction of tension.

Cypress essential oil is supportive to the cardiovascular system. It is also a supportive oil for the pituitary gland.

Wintergreen essential oil helps reduce occasional discomforts associated with daily living.

Marjoram essential oil  promotes muscle support and relieves occasional discomfort associated with daily activity.

Peppermint essential oil enhances penetration of other oils.

Valor essential oil  supportive to the musculoskeletal system. Nicknamed “chiropractor in a bottle”.

Aroma Siez essential oil  supports muscle relaxation and reduces occasional tensions.


The Procedure

The Raindrop is performed standing above someone while they are lying prone (on their belly). The oils are dropped from a height of approximately 6 inches. There are different stroke techniques used along the spinal column and onto the back and shoulder muscles toward the neck. The oils are thought to continue working for several days after administration. Raindrop can be done weekly, monthly all based on what the individual is working on whether it be emotional or structural work.  You can learn more about the Raindrop Technique from Young Living’s website dedicated to this topic!


 Watch and Learn About the Raindrop


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